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Random Stitching Ramblings (Cindy/didimr2)
Fave colours: Blues, purples, greys
Fave designers: Shepherd’s Bush, The Drawn Thread, Brightneedle
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: It’s hard to describe this one! I like smalls, and anything else that catches my eye!
Fave thread types/brands: I like trying new overdyeds
Fave fabrics: Nothing smaller than 32ct … I tend to like evenweaves better than linens
Any dislikes: Anything cutesy or country
Pets/children: None/none
Birthday: 27 October
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed: Details on my wishlist blog 🙂
Fave holidays: Halloween
Holidays not celebrated or liked: No exclusions

Señorita Stitches. ¡Ay Carumba! (Veronica/Señorita Stitcher)
Fave colours: Deep reds, greens, blues, teals, browns
Fave designers: Mary Beale, Merry Cox, With My Needle, Carriage House Samplings, The Drawn Thread, Cherished Stitches, Au Fil de Rêves, Sampler House, The Needle’s Prayse, Thistle Threads, Nostalgic Needle, many others
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: Samplers, alphabets, specialty stitches, Quaker. I really love all the wonderful needlework smalls designs we are seeing now.
Fave thread types/brands: NPI, Vikki Clayton, AVS, GAST, Crescent Colors
Fave fabrics: 36ct-40ct linen in natural colours, Lakeside Linens, Picture This Plus
Any dislikes: I really don’t care for fantasy designs
Pets/children: No pets, 2 daughters
Birthday: 13 April
Wishlist URL: Click here (charts) or here (threads)
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed: Any fiber from my huge wish list and I would even like (labeled) 1/2 skeins or leftovers (as you know, many times you don’t really need a full skein), floss bags, Piecemaker needles, John James Petite needles, quilting fat quarters, ribbons. I’ve just taken up knitting and I would love yarn, needles, gadgets. Buttons, beads, notecards, card making supplies, micron pens, watercolour pens, rubber stamps, sugar-free candy. I love both coffee and tea and drink both caffeinated and decaffeinated. I am really into Good Earth original, Pomegranate tea, Bigelow Mango Green Tea, PJ Tips – it’s fun to try different flavours.
Fave holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas
Holidays not celebrated or liked: Halloween

Smokey from the Netherlands (Judith)
Fave colours: Green, blue and autumn colours
Fave designers: Jeannette Douglas (but have all her charts already), Elizabeth’s Designs, The Drawn Thread, Little House Needleworks
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: Samplers
Fave thread types/brands: GAST, WDW and all silks
Fave fabrics: 32ct/natural, brown colours/linen
Any dislikes: Angels or religious
Pets/children: 1 cat Sjors
Birthday: 25 February
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed: Stationery, chocolate, notebooks, but really anything is appreciated
Fave holidays: Christmas, Easter
Holidays not celebrated or liked: N/A

Spirit Blooms (Carissa)
Fave colours: Pink, burgundy
Fave designers: Amy Mitten, Carriage House Samplings, Drawn Thread, Nostalgic Needle, Blackbird Designs, Shepherd’s Bush, Sheepish Designs, Birds of a Feather, Brightneedle, With My Needle, Moira Blackburn, Hands to Work, Indigo Rose, Just Nan, La-D-Da, Long Dog Samplers, Milady’s Needle, Needleprint Publications, Ewe and Eye and Friends, The Scarlet Needle, Jeanette Douglas Designs, By the Bay Needleart and much more *LOL*
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: Samplers, antique samplers, designs that use more than one stitch type
Fave thread types/brands: Needlepoint Inc silks, Crescent Colours, Gloriana, Soie d’Alger silks, GAST, Weeks Dye Works
Fave fabrics: 36ct Edinborough linen, anything dyed with an antique look to it, prefer 34ct and up, LOVE Lakeside Linens
Any dislikes: Cartoonish, blocky designs, neon and bright colours
Pets/children: 2 cats, 1 house bunny, 2 budgies, 1 son
Birthday: 24 July
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed: Teas, white or dark chocolate, incense made with essential oils, beeswax products, fridge magnets from where you live
Fave holidays: Valentine’s Day, Winter and Summer Solstice
Holidays not celebrated or liked: I love all holidays 🙂 but am not religious, so no religious items please, I don’t celebrate the 4th of July (I live in Canada)

Stitchcats Thread Garden (Margaret/Stitchcat)
Fave colours: Jewel colours, ie blues, purples, rich reds, burgundies and pinks and emerald greens
Fave designers: Lizzie*Kate, Thomas Kinkade, Shepherd’s Bush, Waxing Moon, Bent Creek, Elizabeth’s Designs
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: Love the small easy styles like Lizzie*Kate, Bent Creek etc, designs using variou stitches, beads etc
Fave thread types/brands: Love all threads, overdyed and variegated are my favourites, any Caron threads
Fave fabrics: Belfast 32ct, any colour
Any dislikes: Not really
Pets/children: 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 x 9yr old daughter and 1 x 13yr old son
Birthday: 22 August
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed: I like a surprise
Fave holidays: Christmas
Holidays not celebrated or liked: N/A

Stitches with Camels (Mel)
Fave colours: Blue, purple, turquoise, autumn colours (red, orange, tan, aubergine)
Fave designers: Heaven & Earth Designs, Chatelaine, Long Dog Samplers, just recently fallen in love with some of Sampler Cove’s designs, Drawn Thread, some Just Nan. I am usually drawn to a particular design rather than a designer these days.
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: Fantasy, realistic, geometric, samplers
Fave thread types/brands: DMC, Gloriana, Dinky Dyes, Needlepoint Inc
Fave fabrics: 25ct Lugana for over one, 28ct and 32ct evenweave (Lugana or Jobelan), 36ct and 40ct linen. Oh, and I love hand-dyed fabric 🙂
Any dislikes: 28ct Cashel linen, cutesy type designs
Pets/children: Two children – boy, 11.5yrs; girl, 9yrs – and one dog!
Birthday: 30 December 1966
Wishlist URL: In the process of getting one organised
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed: Needlerolls, biscornus, etc (any stitching small really), Piecemaker needles 26 or 28’s, scissors, needle magnets
Fave holidays: Christmas, I suppose, don’t really have a favourite
Holidays not celebrated or liked: For someone who loves witches and magic, I’m not really into Halloween although I make an effort living here because the kids enjoy it. I’m not really into Valentine’s Day either but I don’t call that a holiday.

Stitching Faery’s Ramblings from under the Willow Tree (Lizzy)
Fave colours: Any shade of rose, greens, mauves, blues, burgundy, lavender, yellow… also love Earth Tones and Shades of Autumn…
Fave designers: Oh my, I have so many… Homespun Elegance, Blackbird Designs, Carriage House Samplings, Little House Needleworks, Country Cottage Needleworks, Bent Creek, Heart-In-Hand, The Trilogy, The Prairie Schooler, Hillside Samplings, La-D-Da, Praiseworthy Stitches, With My Needle, Waxing Moon, Lizzie*Kate, Glory Bee, The Workbasket, Val’s Stitching Stuff, The Knotted Tree, Dragon Dreams, Teresa Wentzler, Enchanting Lair, Black Swan Designs… I could go on and on…
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: I Love Samplers, Primitive, Americana, Anything Country looking or old fashioned, Whimsical, Dragons and Fantasy…
Fave thread types/brands: GAST, WDW, Crescent Colours, DMC, Olde Willow Stitchery, Wildflowers, And I love Silks…
Fave fabrics: Zweigart Linens… Cashel or Belfast… R&R linens… I prefer 28ct and 32ct as it’s harder for me to see anything much smaller… I will stitch on 36ct…. I love Lakeside Linens and Vintage Country Mocha and Vintage Autumn Blush by Zweigart.
Any dislikes: Some of the more cartoonish designs… but then it would really just depend on what it looks like… 🙂 I don’t particularly like stitching on white linen or Aida.
Pets/children: Four children, My eldest son, Elisha is 26, my stepson, Steven is 26, my DD Brandy is 24 and my youngest son, Jamie is 21. My step-granddaughter, Nicole is 8… and We have five House Cats… Gandalf the Grey, Shelley, Merlin, Casper, and Bubbles… and two cats live outside… Dickens and Rocky… Yes, I am a CatWoman… 🙂
Birthday: 29 March 1960
Wishlist URL: Click here – I just started this wish list… So, I have loads more to add… 🙂
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed: I love candles… mostly spicy scents, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, Apple pie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Maple Pumpkin Bread etc… I also love lavender and rose candles… Chocolate is always wonderful… Bookmarks as I love to read… My fave needles are John James Platinum 28… I collect stitching scissors and fobs… any threads would be lovely as well… most anything stitchy related… I love coffee and collect coffee mugs… Also collect Dragons and Faerys… Stationery is always nice… Really any and everything will be appreciated and loved.
Fave holidays: I love them all…
Holidays not celebrated or liked: I can’t really think of any I don’t like…

Stitchitandie (Andie)
Fave colours: Blue, green, silver, pink, gold, dark red, most colours really
Fave designers: Mirabilia, L&L, Passione Riccamo, Chatelaine, Elizabeth’s Designs
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: Prefer big designs unless its a needle roll, fob, needlebook, pincushion etc 🙂
Fave thread types/brands: Can never have too much DMC, Krenik, Rainbow Gallery etc 🙂
Fave fabrics: Coloured hand dyed 32 count Belfast, or other linen, LOVE IT but will happily use evenweave too 🙂
Any dislikes: Brown fabric
Pets/children: No thanks I already have a cat and 4 sweet children (JK) DS12, DD11, DS9, DD4
Birthday: 12 June
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed: Anything
Fave holidays: Christmas
Holidays not celebrated or liked: N/A

Stop the World! I Want to Get Off! (Faye/mommi22/jymisgurl)
Fave colours: Blue, purple, green, very bright reds and oranges – pretty much anything except brown
Fave designers: Teresa Wentzler, Chatelaine, Black Swan, Cross Eyed Kat, Raise the Roof, Dragon Dreams, HAED (Scott Gustafson and Shim Shimmel mainly), PTP
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: Fantasy, dragon, wizards, funny stuff
Fave thread types/brands: DMC, WDW, GAST, Dinky Dyes
Fave fabrics: 28ct or 32ct, blues, greens, just about any colour – I really like sparkly fabrics, linens
Any dislikes: Hate lots of browns. I’m not a sampler person, I don’t care for old fashioned kinds of things
Pets/children: 2 dogs (Lula and Aurora), 1 cat (Tinkerbell), 2 kids (Tobi and Darin)
Birthday: 10 May 1985
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed: Tea sachets, stationery, chocolate, fridge magnets, postcards etc – they all sound good!
Fave holidays: Halloween!!! Christmas
Holidays not celebrated or liked: Most religious holidays, we’re not very religious


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