RAK Registry

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Birthday List

(This list includes other stitchers with stitching blogs, not just those that are members of the RAK Registry) 

12 Michelle (Craftee Cab)

09 Coral (Coral’s Blog)
16 Anne (Feather Stitching)
17 KarenV (My Favourite Things)
17 Melissa (Melissa’s Ramblings)
18 BeckySC (BeckyBee’s Stitching Hive)
23 Jenn (JennX-stitch)
25 Judith (Smokey of the Netherlands)
26 Ally (Kiwi Brodeuse)
27 Heather (It’s Geek To Me)

03 Nicki (Plush)
05 Elanor (Ladybug’s Stitches)
09 Missy (A Tree Hugger’s Wife)
11 Andrea (The Craft Room)
23 CathyMK (They Came From the LNS…)
27 Dani (Dani… Black Belt Stitching Wizard)
29 Lizzy (Stitching Faery’s Ramblings from under the Willow Tree)

01 Tash (The Star-Crossed Stitcher)
09 Katrina (A Kiwi Stitching)
13 Veronica (Señorita Stitches ¡Ay Carumba!)
17 Erin (Fairy Tales & French Knots)
22 Jo (Kiwi Jo)
24 Carina (Now We Are Six)
29 Sharon (Cross Stitch Obsession)
30 Patti (Tapestry of Dreams)

04 Isabelle (Kitty Couture)
10 Faye (Stop The World! I Want To Get Off!)
11 Deanne (A Stitch in Time)
13 Harmien (xstitch.nl)
22 Renée (Stitched With Love and Cat Hair)
25 Kathryn (Threads of Desire)

01 Barbara (Mainely Stitching)
01 Deborah (Lavender Rose Ramblings)
05 Cathy (It Will Be Funny Tomorrow)
12 Andie (Stitchitandie)
12 Tuula (Familiar Stitches/Tuttuja Pistoja)
13 Mayte (MagicXstitch)
13 Connie (The Lacey Thread)
21 Von (On the Dry Side)
22 Lauren (I’ll Cross That Stitch When I Come To It)
25 AngelSan (AngelSan Creation)

05 Vonna (The Twisted Stitcher)
15 Michelle (Ozarks Sew n’ Sews)
24 Carissa (Spirit Blooms)
26 Bine (Bine Stitching in Germany)
31 Carol (Garden of Stitches)

03 Virginia/Vee (Mundane Musings By Me)
12 Heidi (Crafting Time)
14 Annemiek (Once Upon A Stitch)
20 Leslie (Leslie’s Cross Stitch Heaven)
22 Margaret (Stitchcats Thread Garden)

08 Karen (Colourful Creations)
08 Sylvie (Coonie and Plume)
08 Georgie (Whoomsa’s Space)
15 Yuko (Be Happy!)
16 Sharon (Beyond ‘the Blank Page’)

03 Wendy (Wendy – Home at Work)
04 Edgar (Blacksheep’s Bit of the Web)
04 Sari (Illinkillin ihmettelyt – Illinkilli wondering)
11 Mel (Stitched by Mel)
15 Su (Contemplating My Needle and Thread)
15 Tracy (Cross Stitch and Coffee)
19 Virpi (Virpin ristipistoja)
22 Debbi (Pharlap Wonders)
23 Jenna (Tale of a Shooting Star…)
23 Pam (Another Day Gone By…)
27 Cindy (Random Stitching Ramblings)

01 Christine (Coffee Cup Thoughts)
04 Clare (Mrs Sew and Sew)
13 Susan (Afford Your Passions)
15 Dawn (Crafters Creations)
30 Cathy (With Needle And Thread)

18 Karen (Little Cat Blogs)
22 Jean (The Slow Stitcher)
22 Tessa (Ladybird Lane)
24 Mylene (Mylene’s Blog)
30 Mel (Stitches with Camels)


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