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I thought it would be nice to have a ‘central register’ for my fellow stitching bloggers’ likes and dislikes for sending a small RAK (Random Act of Kindness), as it’s often I think I’d like to pop something small into the mail ‘just because’ or for a birthday, but don’t have all the recipient’s details to hand. Some people have wishlists and likes/dislikes held in different bulletin boards/groups, of which you need to have membership – this way no membership is required, just an active stitching blog.

If you would like to send any of the RAK Registry participants a small RAK, please send an email to me (shakatak at iinet dot net dot au) and I can arrange for address details of your intended recipient to be given to you. Due to privacy and security reasons I can only release this information to an existing stitching blogger (with an active blog), and preferably to one that is participating in this list (unless I can vouch for you personally).

If you’d like to join the list you just need to complete the short questionnaire below and email it to me, and I’ll add you to the website … it’s as easy as that! Here’s the questionnaire you need to complete:

Blog URL:
Preferred first name/screen name:
Fave colours:
Fave designers:
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles:
Fave thread types/brands:
Fave fabrics:
Any dislikes:
Wishlist URL:
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed:
Fave holidays:
Holidays not celebrated or liked:
Full snail mail details:

I’d also love to make the birthday list more comprehensive, including those that aren’t actually participating in the RAK Registry, so if you’re a stitching blogger and you’d like your birthday to be included in the list (not don’t necessarily want to join the RAK list) please leave me a comment with your details and I’ll add you in straightaway 😀

Participants are generally listed alphabetically by their blog name throughout this Registry.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂



  1. I am not a blogger. I am a systems analyst by trade so I sit at my computer all day at work, but I do not know what a blog is. I stumbled on someone’s blog because I am desperate to get a particular Chatelaine chart that I guess was an online class. It is the Stitching Leporello by Chatelaine. It appears to be fashioned after the Designing Ladies 2006 project. I want to make several of these for Christmas gifts. I am even designing a few of my own by pulling together designs that will fit.

    I think I would like be become a part of this group. Do I have to design my own webpage? I do not know if I would like to do that since I already spend 10+ hours a day programming at a computer screen.

    Terianne Wood


  1. What a Surprise!! « Averyclaire

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