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Welcome to our latest new members

My apologies for the delay in posting this, but I ran out of time before putting my personal effects into storage, and only just recently have a stable internet connection back again. 

I’ve also been concerned over the last few weeks that I’ve noticed the template has been chopping off the full list of pages, and also the old issue of not allowing pages I and M to load up at all.  To fix this I’ve changed the template design, and amalgamated the pages into groupings of letter pairs – this means less pages overall, and hopefully has fixed the access issues we’ve been having.  It was great to finally get a response from WP regarding these issues so I could work out how to fix it!

Anyway, without further ado I’d like to welcome the latest new members to the Registry – it’s great to have you on board: 😀

Now I’ve got the ‘teething problems’ sorted out, I can keep this blog up-to-date regularly again … thanks everyone for your patience during this time 🙂

Now all I need to do is to fix up my Outlook issues, and I can get back to be up-to-date everywhere with the Registry!


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