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Welcome to our new home!

After reading the feedback from the recent email survey I sent out, I’ve decided to move our Registry across to WordPress, as it offers some extra features that Blogger didn’t. 

As I prefer (and comments suggest that you do too) to keep most of the site’s details stationary, I’ve decided to choose a template that has ‘pages’ at the top of the screen – while it’s far from being my ‘ideal’ template, it’s the best I could find for our purposes.

So far the tabs include the Birthday List, as well as everyone’s wishlists under each relevant letter of the alphabet.  The listings are according to the blog name, so for example Katrina’s blog “A Kiwi Stitching” is found under the letter “A” tab, and so on.

Also in the sidebar is a link to each participant’s main blog in case you want to visit.  At this stage I haven’t included a list of blog participants by country, but I may add that again in the future if anyone aside from me is interested 😉

I will also add everyone as an author to this blog, so you should be able to post and also update your own wishlist (that’s the hope, anyway).  To do this, however, you will need to create a WordPress ID (you don’t need to have a WordPress blog, just an ID only) – if you need help with this please scream out and I’ll do what I can to help you out 🙂

The other feedback I received was that it would be nice to have updates when new people join the Registry, which I totally agree with, so I’ll post a note here with any new members as they join up.

Hopefully these changes will help you get more out of the Registry – everything else will be run the same way as before … but any further suggestions for improvements are always welcome 😀

Hugs to you all,



  1. That’s great, Anne, the blockroll will be very useful 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Anne, for doing all this for our community 🙂

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