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Latest update

Apologies for ‘flying under the radar’ for a while – after the hassles of moving interstate, then into my new apartment, my online time has been minimal … plus I’ve been purposefully avoiding my computer for the last couple of weeks!

Just a couple of updates to the membership:

  • I’m saddened to say we lost Renee (Bible en Broderie) at the start of the year, when she lost her battle with ill health.  She was such a beautiful soul on this earth, I was sorry to hear of her passing.  My condolences go to her family as they continue to struggle with their loss.
  • On a brighter note, however, we have one new person joining the blog – Debbie from NC.  Debbi can be found on her blog as follows:  Pharlap Wonders.  Welcome aboard Debbi, my apologies for not getting your information typed up sooner, that’s very unlike me!

I hope the start of the year is treating everyone well 😀



Welcome aboard & a few Stats

A big hearty “welcome aboard” to another new member this week – it’s lovely to have you here 🙂  Welcome to:

With the arrival of new members to the blog, I thought it might be fun to show the latest stats of where our members are in the world – here are the numbers in each country:

  • USA = 28  (updated 18Mar08)
  • Canada = 7
  • United Kingdom = 7
  • Australia = 5
  • New Zealand = 4
  • Netherlands = 4
  • France = 3
  • Finland = 3
  • Switzerland = 1
  • South Africa = 1
  • Singapore = 1
  • United Arab Emirates = 1

What a wonderful international bunch we are! 😀

Welcome to our latest new members

My apologies for the delay in posting this, but I ran out of time before putting my personal effects into storage, and only just recently have a stable internet connection back again. 

I’ve also been concerned over the last few weeks that I’ve noticed the template has been chopping off the full list of pages, and also the old issue of not allowing pages I and M to load up at all.  To fix this I’ve changed the template design, and amalgamated the pages into groupings of letter pairs – this means less pages overall, and hopefully has fixed the access issues we’ve been having.  It was great to finally get a response from WP regarding these issues so I could work out how to fix it!

Anyway, without further ado I’d like to welcome the latest new members to the Registry – it’s great to have you on board: 😀

Now I’ve got the ‘teething problems’ sorted out, I can keep this blog up-to-date regularly again … thanks everyone for your patience during this time 🙂

Now all I need to do is to fix up my Outlook issues, and I can get back to be up-to-date everywhere with the Registry!

No reply from the help desk re “I” and “M”

In the meantime, if you want to see the pages for any blogs on pages “I” and “M”, you’ll need to go back to the old blogger RAK Registry in the meantime.  I’ve made sure both those pages have been updated with the new members details … fingers crossed I can get this one tidied up before month-end!


One more new member

I’m pleased to welcome aboard another new person to the Registry:

Little Cat Blogs (Karen)

Latest members

Just a quick note to advise I’ve added the details for two new members to the Registry.  They are as follows:

Ladybird Lane (Tessa)

I’ll Cross That Stitch When I Come To It (Lauren)

Welcome aboard ladies! 😀

Welcome to our new home!

After reading the feedback from the recent email survey I sent out, I’ve decided to move our Registry across to WordPress, as it offers some extra features that Blogger didn’t. 

As I prefer (and comments suggest that you do too) to keep most of the site’s details stationary, I’ve decided to choose a template that has ‘pages’ at the top of the screen – while it’s far from being my ‘ideal’ template, it’s the best I could find for our purposes.

So far the tabs include the Birthday List, as well as everyone’s wishlists under each relevant letter of the alphabet.  The listings are according to the blog name, so for example Katrina’s blog “A Kiwi Stitching” is found under the letter “A” tab, and so on.

Also in the sidebar is a link to each participant’s main blog in case you want to visit.  At this stage I haven’t included a list of blog participants by country, but I may add that again in the future if anyone aside from me is interested 😉

I will also add everyone as an author to this blog, so you should be able to post and also update your own wishlist (that’s the hope, anyway).  To do this, however, you will need to create a WordPress ID (you don’t need to have a WordPress blog, just an ID only) – if you need help with this please scream out and I’ll do what I can to help you out 🙂

The other feedback I received was that it would be nice to have updates when new people join the Registry, which I totally agree with, so I’ll post a note here with any new members as they join up.

Hopefully these changes will help you get more out of the Registry – everything else will be run the same way as before … but any further suggestions for improvements are always welcome 😀

Hugs to you all,